Our services
NCE provides value management and facilitation services:
•    Value Engineering/Planning
•    Management and Assembly of Specialist Teams
•    Construction Incentive Change Proposals
•    Training Workshops
•    Policy Development
•    Business Reorganization
•    Strategic Planning
•    Data Modeling
•    Life Cycle Costing
•    Public/Technical Facilitation
•    Risk Assessments

NCE conducts its value studies in accordance with the SAVE International Value Methodology Standard. While the value Job Plan for each workshop is consistent with the intent of the VM Standard, each workshop is unique in terms of the value targets selected, team composition, and outcome influences.

Our basic value Job Plan is structured into three stages:
•    Pre-Workshop Stage
•    Workshop Stage
     -     Information Phase
     -     Function Analysis Phase
     -     Creativity Phase
     -     Evaluation Phase
     -     Development Phase
     -     Presentation Phase
•    Post-Workshop Stage
What NCE clients are saying...
“NCE's Team Leader, David Wilson was very effective at managing the diverse and often competing objectives of the team.”
Michael Pearsall, P.Eng., CVS
Area Engineer/VE Coordinator
Ontario Ministry of Transportation, North Bay, ON
“David Wilson comfortably managed the large VE team and created a positive and encouraging workshop environment.”
Paul Menard, P.Eng.
Project Manager, Nuclear Waste Mgmt. Division
Ontario Power Generation Inc.